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Will knows that a speaker’s role involves so much more than just passing on information to an audience. He seeks to awaken awareness and consciousness in others and does so using his lifetime of experience and the expertise gained as a mariner and leader.  If the audience leaves feeling empowered with a refreshed spark of insight and inspiration to move from where they are at, he considers his mission fulfilled. 

Life as an observer and student of leadership has given Will an acute sense of the impact that moments of leadership can have on people, organisations and indeed countries. More particularly Will is deeply fascinated by the disproportionate impact of moments of leadership. Those seemingly minute moments that create lasting and momentous change. Moments like Will's headmaster making him feel 'seen' for the first time at age 16 or Jacinda Ardern donning a hajib after the 2019 Christchurch bombings. One small moment and one huge moment - both of which created change in a person or a nation.

Will possesses the agility to pivot his keynotes to audiences from 5 to 75 years of age and of any size. He has moved large public audiences of 20,000 from laughter to tears and has been able to get an entire primary school to grasp and reflect on the reasons behind Remembrance Day.  



“Will presented to a large gathering of AMP executives on the subject of leadership, specifically covering constructive leadership behaviour styles. His fascinating examples of the bright and dark side of leadership, mostly drawn from an extensive Navy career, kept the group enthralled primarily as a result of his ability to aptly contextualise his stories. I would highly recommend him as a speaker on this subject to anyone looking to start the leadership conversation with a group at any corporate level.”
Matthew Percival
Retired Chief of Staff and Head of Public Affairs
Charles Coventry
"Will delivered a keynote “Five simple leadership principles for a complex business environment” to AgEdge in Orange, NSW. We couldn’t get enough of it. Frankly his navy stories were excellent and they perfectly captured the various elements of leadership that challenge us all, be it in our professional or personal lives. He left us with very tangible strategies for behaviour change and I recall one bit of specific feedback from a grazier afterwards… "can we have more time with that guy please?” I strongly recommend Will to any organisation seeking a highly engaging and credible speaker on the topic of leadership impact.”
Charles Coventry
President - AgEdge
Sharna Dominish
“As an invited speaker at the launch of the Woollahra leadership and development program, Will perfectly set the scene and tone for our leadership team. It was an engaging, relevant and memorable talk that connected with all attendees in the room. We look forward to having Will back at future leadership events.”
Sharna Dominish
Learning & Development Advisor - Woollahra Municipal Council