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To help you or your team change ineffective habits that stand between you and success.

Every Waterline Leadership program is designed to unblock the blockages that are getting in the way of you performing at your best.


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7 step executive coaching


Leadership Coaching

Even the most outstanding leaders can improve some aspect of their leadership. In most cases we find it is the outstanding leader who wants to. Why? They know that what has got them this far, isn’t going to be enough to get them to the next level. They have the courage, humility and discipline to make the effort that real change needs. By using the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching methodology, we guarantee successful and committed leaders will achieve positive and measurable leadership growth over 12 months. 

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Team Coaching

As is the case for successful individual leaders, there are often behaviours and undercurrents that impede the performance of successful teams. With the right assistance, support and coaching these can be removed. With our stakeholder centred team coaching program, the difference in team performance can be black and white and evident within weeks of starting the program. So not only will you all feel the behavioural change, we will be able to measure it. 

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Strengths Based Coaching

To make long lasting change to ineffective habits, we help you learn about how you most naturally think, feel and behave. We know and value that every individual and team is different and have their own unique combination of strengths. We will identify your strengths and help you apply them as you work on the behaviours that are undermining your success. As General Sun Tzu, Chinese warlord and author of The Art of War, wrote in 600BC “Know thyself and you will win a hundred battles.”

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Well orchestrated conversations arrive at the best decision in the least amount of time. We respect everything you invest in that process and know how timely decision making is critical to your bottom line. When you bring your best people and the best available information, we will ensure you leave with a collective commitment to the strategy.

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