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Facilitation, from the Latin facile meaning ‘to make easy’ will help you and your people learn, navigate change and make sound decisions.

We make it as easy as possible for you and your team to get the best value from every minute you spend in the room. You bring the content and the ideas; we bring the expertise to ensure you leave with a well defined plan. In short, you know where you aspire to be: we’ll help you close that gap.

If you’ve not experienced successful facilitation before, it’s a bit like having a highly skilled skipper at the helm. Someone who makes sure that everyone in the crew gets an opportunity to be heard and to express their thoughts and concerns - and can use that to steer everyone in the best direction.

At the completion of a well run session everyone has been engaged and is completely clear on the outcomes and what’s next in line.

Cressida Mort
"For two consecutive years Will and Helen from Waterline Leadership have facilitated and driven The Armidale School’s Executive during our annual three-day Strategic Planning Conference. Will’s expert facilitation guarantees we stay on topic, on time and on top of our list of actions. They have made an incredible difference to our planning processes, and we love having them in the room because they bring so much value. Will and Helen are incredibly intuitive, hardworking and bring an enlightened intelligence to our discussions. They are deeply trusted and we are grateful to them both."
Cressida Mort
Director of Development and Marketing, The Armidale School
“Will facilitated a leadership workshop for a small group of highly energetic business owners which I chair. The interactive nature of the session and Will’s obvious knowledge and zeal for the topic, left a really big impression on us all. I think it’s fair to say we learnt a lot.”
Leon Bowes
Director at Apollo Property Group
Dorianne Coventry
“Will and Helen facilitated a workshop with a group of entrepreneurs at the University of New England’s Smart Region Incubator. They cleverly weaved together the critical importance of Values, Culture and Leadership for any organisation. Not only did the attendees leave with a clearer understanding of their own, personal set of values, they also now better get the interdependencies between culture and leadership. I was really impressed that in one hour, they armed my group with the skills to enhance the likelihood of success for their start-ups in minimum time. The group enjoyed this session tremendously and it left a lasting impression on many of them.”
Dorianne Coventry
Special Projects Coordinator, Terraprotein Equity Partners