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2 min read

Cracking the Code for True Equity

We love just about everything that Malcolm Gladwell has written but during this, the week of International Women’s Day...

1 min read

Humans need to believe they belong to something

Mum seldom comes to the footy (“I can’t read the stupid scoreboard!”) but when she does, her love of being a part of...

1 min read

The Essential Elements of Community

I recently supported Christopher Brown and Faith Halliday of the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue, in the delivery of...

1 min read

Humility is a Super Power

In a recent bit of sport commentary, I heard a broadcaster say of a player “from up here in the box I always thought...

1 min read

Loyalty must go both ways

I remember a line in an old war movie. A wise old Colonel is telling a young officer “on the battlefield you represent...

1 min read

Trust, Loyalty and Service

My great-grandfather Edwin (Ted) Leane was one of The Fighting Leanes of Prospect – once called the “most famous family...

1 min read

Sorry Sooty, my bad

Some years ago I was in charge of a small section of Navy people. There was me, a couple of other slightly more junior...

1 min read

Leadership, Culture and Values

As an active Navy reservist, I watched with interest late in 2020 as the Department of Defence took seven sets of...

4 min read

Teamicide kills creativity

One way a leader can murder team performance is to selfishly place themselves in the middle of everything, right in the...