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Do you ever feel stuck in a rut or overlooked at work?

Are your teams suffering from the silo effect?

Are your projects taking too long to get underway?

Is self-doubt and scattered decision-making holding you back?

Are you lacking momentum towards your goals?


Work with us

While we tailor our programs to meet you where you are at, they are designed to help you face your challenges head-on through heightened self-awareness and self-belief. Every voyage worth taking has its challenges and rewards. Our programs are designed to help you and your crew achieve peak performance. 


WL teams

Team Coaching 

Our methodology is based on a combination of Strengths and Stakeholder Centred Team Coaching and is a structured, transparent, measurable and time efficient process.

If you want your crew to harmoniously tackle all challenges, gain a greater understanding of themselves and each other and reach more milestones, this is the program for you.

WL leadership

Leadership Coaching 

Research reveals that 95% of leaders using Stakeholder Centred Coaching improve their effectiveness. The process is not easy but it's simple and at the end of our program, besides feeling taller and sleeping better, the skipper will be empowered to go the distance and achieve more in less time with reduced effort.

WL strengths

Strengths Coaching 

Like all of us, you are a unique human being with your own set of valuable natural talents. Most of us only have a vague appreciation of just how unique our talents are. We will help you identify, appreciate and set a course to apply them to all that you do. It is only then that you will find levels of motivation, confidence and determination you never thought possible. 

WL facilitation

Facilitation Service

An external set of eyes and ears brings valuable insight for your team to best achieve its aims. Our facilitator will serve you and your crew and keep you on course for results while ensuring that everyone has their say.

With this guide, you will be set to achieve new waves of results in minimum time.

2 min read

Cracking the Code for True Equity

1 min read

The Essential Elements of Community

“We rarely have the opportunity to sit, think and reflect the way I did with Helen. Our sessions were challenging but open and non-judgemental, and prompted me to make changes to live and work more purposefully, according to my values and strengths. I only wish I had done this sooner.”
Flavia DiPietro cropped
Dr Flavia Di Pietro
Lecturer, School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, Curtin University
“Through one-on-one coaching and a 360 diagnostic, Will helped me enormously with my leadership behaviours. He raised my level of self-awareness and the results were terrific. My team is now much more cohesive and therefore, productive.”
Greg Helm
CEO NSW State Sporting Association
"The tailored strengths coaching process Helen created, helped me build my confidence in knowing what I’m good at and taking pride in those areas. Helen is personable, easy to talk to and genuinely passionate in helping people discover their strengths (and is obviously very good at it too!)".
Ash McKillop
Aisling McKillop
NSW Department of Education
“Will and Helen facilitated a group of entrepreneurs at the University of New England. They cleverly weaved together the critical importance of organisational Values, Culture and Leadership. I was really impressed that in one hour, they vastly enhanced the likelihood of success, in minimum time, for each individual. The group enjoyed this session tremendously and it left a lasting impression on them.”
Dorianne Coventry
Dorianne Coventry
Executive Officer, Head of Relationship Management & Communication, Stormbringer Studios