Empowering Executives to Lead Effectively by Harnessing Their Strengths


We coach and train leaders at all levels of an organisation to develop and maximise their strengths and those of their team members.


When leaders and team members have an honest understanding of their strengths, they are also aware of their limitations and weaknesses. This awareness is essential for better decision making.


"When great decision-making is combined with teams that work together, your organisation has the best chance to build a culture that is truly agile in the workforce of the future." Gallup




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Our programs in Leadership Coaching, Leadership Development Training, Strengths-Based Development, and Team Strengths-Based Development empower organisational, managerial, and emerging leaders and their teams to face challenges with heightened self-awareness and self-belief. Every journey presents its unique challenges and rewards. Our tailored programs help leaders and their teams achieve peak performance by harnessing the full power of their strengths.


Our Programs Help Leaders and Their Teams:


1. Identify, focus on, and maximise their strengths.

2. Invest in and unlock the full potential of individuals and teams. 

3. Cultivate a strengths-based culture that drives high employee engagement.



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Leadership Coaching 

Our experienced leadership coaches help leaders eliminate obstacles preventing them from reaching their full potential. Through one-on-one coaching, we begin with a CliftonStrengths© assessment and a MultiRater Survey© 360 for senior leaders. We then design a bespoke Leadership Development Coaching program tailored to each leader's specific needs. Our programs enhance goal-setting, self-reliance, confidence, organizational influence, and performance management capabilities.


Leadership Development Training Programs 

Our Leadership Development Training Programs address the global challenge of declining productivity by empowering CEOs, directors, managers, team leaders, and emerging leaders. We offer four comprehensive strengths-based programs designed to enhance leadership capabilities, confidence, engagement, and well-being. These programs equip leaders with the tools to effectively develop and coach their teams. Each program includes CliftonStrengths© and MultiRater Survey© 360 assessments for senior leaders, one-on-one coaching, and workshops that promote learning from both course content and peer interactions.

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Individual Strengths-Based Development 

Unlock your unique natural talents with our strengths-based development program. We help you identify, appreciate, and intentionally apply your talents to everything you do, leading to renewed motivation, confidence, and determination. 

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Team Strengths-Based Development

 Our Team Strengths-Based Development program fosters extraordinary cohesion and collaboration by helping team members understand and leverage their own and each other's natural strengths. By promoting individual self-awareness and collective appreciation, we enable teams to reach their full potential. For harmonious teamwork, deeper self and interpersonal understanding, and greater achievements, let us design a bespoke program to maximise your team's unique strengths.

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Cracking the Code for True Equity

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The Essential Elements of Community

“We rarely have the opportunity to sit, think and reflect the way I did with Helen. Our sessions were challenging but open and non-judgemental, and prompted me to make changes to live and work more purposefully, according to my values and strengths. I only wish I had done this sooner.”
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Dr Flavia Di Pietro
Lecturer, School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, Curtin University
“Through one-on-one coaching and a 360 diagnostic, Will helped me enormously with my leadership behaviours. He raised my level of self-awareness and the results were terrific. My team is now much more cohesive and therefore, productive.”
Greg Helm
CEO NSW State Sporting Association
The Leadership Development program offered by my organisation and delivered by Waterline Leadership was without a doubt the most beneficial professional development I have undertaken in the 35 years I have managed a service. Overall, it has enabled me to use my strengths to effectively lead my team and to coach each member of my team to optimise their performance with greater self-reliance. Using Gallup Clifton Strengths, Will and Helen coached us to identify our personal strengths enabling us to bring clarity to our roles and strengthen our practice. Through Helen’s individual coaching sessions, I gained a deeper understanding of my dominant traits and how to utilise them to become a better manager. The monthly workshops guided us all to build a strong leadership style which inspires collaboration, builds trust, respect and promotes autonomous decision-making through coaching. During these sessions Will & Helen facilitated the group to build relationships and cohesion between participants from various departments of our organisations, greatly reducing the impact of siloism. Relationships we will be able draw upon in the future when we need to consult around challenges using a shared language and toolkit. The tool most useful to me was about the preparation and conduct of difficult leadership conversations which can be challenging. We were coached to use a simple, sequential template which will lead to constructive changes in behaviour by individuals and teams. Additionally, the GROW coaching model, generating higher engagement and productivity, is a great tool which I now use every day. Through Will and Helen’s coaching, I have gained confidence as an inspirational leader who now embraces difficult leadership conversations as a necessary and important aspect of my role. Through empathy and effective communication, I am equipped to make meaningful changes to the way my team functions for the benefit of each member and ultimately for the benefit of our organisation and the community we serve.
Mary Boyd
Mary Boyd
Preschool Director, Woollahra Municipal Council
"The tailored strengths coaching process Helen created, helped me build my confidence in knowing what I’m good at and taking pride in those areas. Helen is personable, easy to talk to and genuinely passionate in helping people discover their strengths (and is obviously very good at it too!)".
Ash McKillop
Aisling McKillop
NSW Department of Education
“Will and Helen facilitated a group of entrepreneurs at the University of New England. They cleverly weaved together the critical importance of organisational Values, Culture and Leadership. I was really impressed that in one hour, they vastly enhanced the likelihood of success, in minimum time, for each individual. The group enjoyed this session tremendously and it left a lasting impression on them.”
Dorianne Coventry
Dorianne Coventry
Executive Officer, Head of Relationship Management & Communication, Stormbringer Studios
"The 12 month Leadership Development Program was a great opportunity for me to reflect on my strengths as a leader as well as developing strategies to improve my leadership skills. Helen and Will were fantastic facilitators and coaches and provided great learning materials and suggestions for improvements. The CliftonStrengths assessment and de-brief was extremely insightful and a fascinating process in itself. I am now much more aware of my strengths and how to utilise these when leading my team. I would not hesitate to recommend this leadership development program to anyone considering this investment for themselves or leaders within their organisation".
Amanda King
Amanda King
Preschool Teacher, Woollahra Municipal Council