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Coaching Services

  • What are the different coaching services you offer?

    We offer:

    Leadership Coaching for anyone who aspires to be the best and most effective leader they can possibly be.

    Team Coaching for teams that are doing well but know there is something holding them back from reaching peak performance.

    Strengths Coaching for people who might be at a crossroad, feel like they are in a rut or want clarity on what they are innately good at.

  • Do you coach leaders and executives from all levels?

    Yes. The fact that you're even here is a real positive. Regardless of where you sit in the hierarchy of your working life, we can adapt a program to suit you. We've coached CEOs and tradies so we reckon we have you covered.  

  • How long does coaching usually take?

    Research indicates that real and sustainable behaviour change takes a minimum of 12 months. For you to get the best value from your investment therefore,  we highly recommend our 12 month program. Now, we completely understand that some people don't have the patience for that so we have programs of three and six months ready to go if that's a better fit for you.

  • In team coaching, does everyone get coached individually?

    No, at least not by us. We highly recommend that the team leader take up individual coaching but the rest of the team members are essentially coached by each other. Each month, under our supervision, they pair up and help to hold each other to account on goals around positive behaviour change and leadership growth.

  • Are your coaches well qualifed?

    Our coaches are bound by the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics and hold the following certifications:

    Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership - Organisational Coaching, Team Coaching.

    GALLUP Certified Strengths Coach

    Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching - Certified Executive and Team Coach.

    Circumplex Leadership Scan 360 

    Cert IV in Workplace and Business Coaching


Strengths Coaching

  • What makes Strengths coaching different?

    Remember that performance review you once received, the one that focussed on all the things you are not so great at? How did that make you feel? Hmmm, thought so. Strengths coaching is the opposite in that it helps you:

    a) work out where your natural strengths lie, and

    b) find a way to use them to maximise your impact and influence at work and in all your key relationships. 

  • Do your coaches have business experience?

    Our Strengths coaching specialist has almost two decades of experience in business development and brand management in several sectors of the luxury goods market. On one hand she has taken an idea from embryonic brand to national success story while on the other hand she has led national sales teams in global brands.

  • How do I know that this coaching works?

    Strengths coaching is not for everybody but whether you are an inquisitive individual or the leader of a pretty good team, we can assure you (and our testimonials will back us up) that you will become immeasurably more self-aware and confident as a result of this coaching. Enhanced results are all but guaranteed to follow soon after. 


Facilitation Service

  • I've never used a facilitator before. How do they help?

    Imagine having an extra person at every meeting you attend. Someone with no agenda and no skin in the game. That person is there to keep the discussion on track, to make certain that every voice is heard and to help avoid the whole thing being a waste of every one's time. 

    That's what a facilitator does. 

  • Is there a limit to the number of people you can facilitate for?

    Not really although working with a group filling a footy stadium would be a challenge. A really good facilitator is adept at splitting big groups into smaller gangs so that every one's input is heard and the overall aim is achieved.  If you really want a number, let's say its about 80. 


Keynote Speaking

  • What keynote topics do you cover?

    Our keynote speaker is a vastly experienced leader who observed, and felt the impact of, good and bad leadership over the course of a three-decade career in the Navy. He weaves his storytelling into his broad themes of 'disproportionate impact', 'the power of self-awareness' and 'leading a culture'.  Whatever your specific requirements Will can meet and most likely exceed your expectations. 

  • Where do you speak? Conferences etc?

    Anywhere you like. A company conference is ideal but equally schools and business colleges find our keynote speaking extremely valuable.

  • Can you deliver virtually?

    Yes we can. As long as every one can see the screen and hear good audio, it works a treat. 

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